SETA Accredited Training

QCTO Accredited Course

99714 Occupational Certificate NQF 5

Occupational Certificate: Safety, Health and quality Practitioner. 256 Credits NQF 5


The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as an Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner.

An Occupational Health and Safety Practitioners serve as a facilitator and advisor to employees and management regarding safety and health aspects in the workplace including the monitoring and inspecting of the workplace and the recording and investigation of incidents and accidents. They also implement and maintain Occupational Health and Safety systems in order to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

A qualified learner will be able to:

 Inspect workplaces and environments to identify the occupational health and safety hazards and determine the risks associated with the work.

Facilitate and support actions to eliminate or control hazards in order to minimises risks in a designated work area.

Represent the needs of employees about Occupational Health and Safety matters.

Participate in the planning and implementation of operational Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

Monitor and continually improve the effectiveness of operational Occupational Health and Safety systems.

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