Basic Fire (CPD Points) ILT



Apply fire fighting techniques – Certificate of Successfully completed (CPD Points)

CPD Points
Apply firefighting techniques and Communication – Certificate of Successfully completed (CPD Points)
1 Day
Unit Standard 252250
Training course Outcomes
• Identifying different types of fires.
• Explaining and practice fire prevention.
• Operating basic firefighting equipment.
• Perform basic firefighting procedures

AOTSA Training Course content is designed and based on:

▪The requirements of the SAQA unit standards
▪Legal Requirements
▪Best Practices

The content, therefore, includes more than is required by the unit standards. Our mission is to ensure all learners received the best training possible within each subject matter content:
▪Where possible videos to provide insight into the subject matter. Some of the content of the video used in this Training Course are from other countries and may not apply to South African Law Requirements.
We include relevant articles on the subject matter.
▪We include descriptive images of the subject matter.
▪Where required and relevant PDF template documents are required within the subject matter.

Note: Wherever a phone number, company name, or emergency department is mentioned it cannot be used in South Africa


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